My WW Journey

Weight is definitely something I’ve always been conscious of.  Growing up, I was always among the tallest girls in my class and to a middle school girl, it’s difficult feeling that you are bigger than your classmates in any way, even if it is just height.  Both of my parents struggled with their weight but I had the benefit of watching my mom successfully lose weight a number of times.  It wasn’t something I obsessed over in high school or college and fortunately, with minor fluctuations, I stayed within a healthy-ish range.  It really wasn’t until after I graduated college that I dabbled with Weight Watchers my first time.  In 2008, I began my first teaching job post-college and looking to take a few pounds off and join a community, I started going to meetings.  It was a really positive experience and I reached a healthy weight (though not my goal weight) and stopped going through meetings.  I think at this point in my life, I felt like I was 22 and why should I have to watch what I eat all the time?  Life was for living and so what?

Well, the pounds came back and maybe a few more.  It wasn’t until after I got married and we thought about trying to have a baby that I decided to peel away those pounds and did so with a close friend who did the online program with me.  Once again, ever faithful WW worked its magic and I lost probably 15-20 pounds.  My heaviest had been 180 or so and I got down to the mid 160s.  A few months later, I got pregnant and we all know how that goes…Post pregnancy, I didn’t really do anything substantial to lose the weight and in another 2 years, we decided to have a second baby.  I started the pregnancy higher than I would have liked to, but watched what I ate and ended up topping out where I did with my first pregnancy.  Not long after having Nora, I joined WW once again and here is where my story begins…


Me and the girls April 2018, a few weeks into starting WW.

My most recent and successful WW (or Weight Watcher/Wellness Works) journey began shortly after the birth of my second daughter Nora.  Starting with the online-only program, I paid for probably 6 months before actually getting serious.  Come to think of it, after 6 months, I think I cancelled my membership and then within DAYS, my mom said, why don’t we try doing Weight Watchers together?  I climbed on board and we started going to meetings.  It was wonderful.  Saturday mornings – 7:30am.  I left the two girls with my husband and carved out an hour for myself to be with other adults sans children to do something that was truly for me.

When I really got down to my motivation, there were several factors.  While yes, I wanted to do this for myself, my biggest motivators were my children and my mother.  If my children were to look at both of their parents, both sets of grandparents and great-grandparents in 2017, being overweight or obese would have been their destiny.  They would not have had a single role model in their family who demonstrated healthy eating habits or a healthy relationship with food.  That devastated me.  This was not a fate I wanted for my girls so I decided I could do something about that.  Thinking about my mother and my own role as a mother: we all want to know that our children will be ok without us.  We want to know that they will be happy and healthy.  My mom was turning 70 and I want her to know that her daughter is taking care of herself.  These were some big feelings and powerful motivators for me.

I worked the program starting in March and by the end of June, I had reached the top of my healthy weight range: 164!  I started the 6 week “maintenance” period, but I continued to lose because I wanted to establish a bigger cushion and I hadn’t really reached my own personal goal yet…TBH, I still haven’t.  After 6 weeks of maintenance, I became a Lifetime member.


October 2018 after running a 5k and fun run with my daughter

So that brings us to today…more or less.  Since this summer I have fluctuated from the mid 150s to 160.  I’d like to shake loose at least 10 more pounds.  Today was a good day in spite of meltdowns in church, a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, and no nap for my 19 month old Nora.  One more day off before going back to school this week! It is FREEZING here with crazy predicted windchill tomorrow.  Thanks for reading!

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