The Journey Begins 159.6

Thanks for joining me! Let me introduce myself.  I am Kelly, wife, mother of two spirited young girls and one floppy basset hound.  Orchestra teacher by day, chef, seamstress, and general caretaker by night.  Haberdashery seems an appropriate title for this blog as it encompasses my love of sewing with the many other notions that I have and feel so moved to share with my readers.  While I intend to begin this blog to chronicle the remainder of my journey towards healthier eating and weight maintenance on WW, I hope to share sewing projects, thoughts on the WTF experience that is parenting and life in general.


It’s ok. We’ve all been there, Howie.

Accountability here is the goal.  It is so easy to start something that is never finished and I have had many intentions to blog with it only ending a few posts later.  Day 1 is in the books.  I weight, I ate, I tracked (even two chocolate covered cherries that I stole from my dad’s candy supply).  I should probably mention that two years ago we sold our respective homes and moved in together.  Expect great stories about our adventures together!  I already have a few up my sleeve for later.  This is all I’ve got for tonight.  Tomorrow I’ll delve into my WW journey, my “whys” and how I did it.  Stay tuned!

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. — Ben Franklin (supposedly)


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