A cold and blustery day…157.4

I’ll keep tonight’s post brief because I’m working on something bigger for tomorrow!  Today was an insanely frigid day in the northeast.  Most of the day was in the single digits with wind that brought a windchill below zero.  I spent the day painting windows and hanging out with my 19 month old, Nora while Elizabeth, my almost 5 year old was at pre-school.  I’ll be back at school tomorrow so I was trying to squeeze some last productivity out of the long weekend.

Dinner was the most amazing recipe from Gina’s Skinnytaste One and Done Cookbook.  If you do not regularly follow Skinnytaste, you need to do so NOW.  I made the Quick Gnocchi Bolognese recipe with a spinach side salad and my husband’s first words when he came through the door were, “Whatever you are cooking smells amazing.”  It was deeply satisfying and I love that I don’t have more than one pot to clean.  Pots and pants are by far my LEAST favorite dish to do so any way to minimize that drudgery is fine by me.

Anyhow, time to put Elizabeth to bed.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the 5 things I learned in 2018!

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