Considering Purchasing a Fitbit?

My Fitbit Charge 3 was a birthday gift to myself in early November.  I previously had a Fitbit Flex that was purchased YEARS ago and while it served me well, I was desperately in need of an upgrade.  I found wearing the Flex extremely useful in the spring to keep track of my daily movement. We did a step challenge at my school and I was able to sync my Fitbit to the program used to track everyone’s steps.  It was very motivating! As this was an older piece of technology, it did get “glitchy” from time to time and the battery life was not ideal. In November I decided to bite the bullet and buy a new one. After doing some research, I settled upon the FitBit Charge 3.  While I did consider the next model higher, the Versa, I have been more than satisfied with the Charge and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fitness tracker! Here are my reasons why:img_1169

  1. The Battery Life.  The battery on my Charge 3 lasts an entire week!  
  2. Apps and Programs.  The Charge has a number of different apps available including a breathing exercises, workout programs, weather, timers, and alarms.
  3. It is basically a smart watch.  I have not been in the habit of wearing a watch for YEARS.  I wear this every day and as a teacher, it is awesome!
  4. Call handling and text.  It is so helpful to not keep my phone on me constantly, but I can still see if I get a call or text and then decide if it’s something that I need to respond to immediately or wait until a more convenient time.
  5. Silent Alarm.  There is not a more peaceful way to wake up in the morning than by gentle wrist vibrations.  Many mornings, Nora winds up in bed with us and the silent vibrations prevent her from waking up when I do.
  6. Sleep Tracking.  I know previous versions of the Fitbit did this, but I still like it!  
  7. Heart Rate Monitoring.  I think this perhaps is the most motivating feature of the Charge.  I love seeing my resting heart rate decrease when I am consistently working out.  
  8. Visually Appealing.  I like the sleek look and got the grey band with rose colored tracker.  

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Fitbit.  All reviews come from my own experience and I’m not being paid (unfortunately) to give my opinion.

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